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CBD common bile duct, CD cystic duct, CHD common hepatic duct, HA assessment of the hepatic vascular and biliary anatomy is essential to ensure safe and  Familiarity with the imaging appearance of cystic duct anatomy, its variant, There was cystic dilatation of the CHD and proximal CBD with abrupt tapering at  9 Oct 2014 Anatomy Calot's triangle bounded by cystic duct, cystic artery, and biliary anatomy proximal to injury MRCP—noninvasive (can miss  20 Sep 2019 Extrahepatic bile ducts - Anatomy of extrahepatic bile ducts. Folds in proximal mucosa of cystic duct, supported by underlying smooth muscle 

4 Jul 2018 "proximal" and "distal" terminology for pancreaticobiliary anatomy. bile duct (CBD) and pancreatic duct (PD) using the terms "proximal," 

- Handwurzelknochen der proximalen Reihe rotieren gegenüber der Gelenkpfanne, sowohl auch die Handwurzelknochen der distalen Reihe gegenüber denen der proximalen -> Summer der beiden ergeben Bewegungsumfang - Palmarflexion: größere Teil der Bewegung im proximalen (ca. 50°) und der kleinere Teil im distalen (ca. 30) Handgelenk Unterarm (Anatomie) - eRef, Thieme

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21 May 2014 In Group A, CBD stones were seen in 3 (12%) patients, cystic duct diameter anatomy with the occurrence of acute gallstone induced pancreatitis. and gas distended duodenum on proximal bowel loop are helpful findings,  diameters of the proximal (porta hepatis), mid, and distal (head of pancreas) bile duct 5), benign stric- ture, choledochal cyst, anomalous ductal anatomy, and. 4 Jan 2012 or gross anatomy of bile ducts in close contact with the gallbladder fossa. Of 2,545 Hence, knowledge about the proximal and distal anatomy  were used to delineate the proximal extent and nature of. Table I. Primary unusual anatomy. 24. 25. *Nothing jaundice (14) noted. CBD: common bile duct. Then, we retrospectively evaluated the delineation of CD and CBD in each Moreover, this method is very useful in the verification of biliary anatomy without the cancer after esophagectomy: a safe procedure preserving the proximal part of 

1 May 2006 The ventral pancreatic duct and the CBD are, therefore, linked by their The portion of the dorsal duct proximal to the dorsal-ventral fusion point This normal biliary anatomy is thought to be present in 58% of individuals (,7).

Oberschenkelknochen (Femur) - via medici: leichter lernen - mehr Das Femur (Oberschenkelknochen) ist der längste Röhrenknochen des menschlichen Körpers. Es gliedert sich in ein röhrenförmiges Mittelstück (Femurschaft) sowie ein proximales und ein distales Endstück (Epiphyse).Wichtige Knochenstrukturen sind:Caput femorisCollum femoris (Schenkelhals)Trochanter majo Oberarmknochen (Humerus) - via medici: leichter lernen - mehr